Scienze dell'Antichità

This magazine is part of the Department structure and pertains subjects of ancient studies in an integrated study of ancient societies in every feature - enviromental, technological, economical, social, political, ideological - as elements of mutating dynamics.

Published studies are made on several different documents and materials - archeological, philological, epigraphic, enivromental etc. - through different methods and techniques to promote their interations. Articles range over history and geography from prehistory to late-ancient times but main interests are over neolithization of Near-East to greek and roman world.

Scienze dell'Antichità is an A-class magazine (ANVUR classification) and has adopted a peer-review process.

Director: Enzo Lippolis



Directive Committee:

  • Marcello Barbanera
  • Maria Giovanna Biga
  • Savino Di Lernia
  • Giovanna Maria Forni
  • Gian Luca Gregori
  • Laura Maria Michetti
  • Frances Pinnock
  • Marco Ramazzotti
  • Maurizio Sonnino
  • Eleonora Tagliaferro



Laura Maria Michetti




Scientific committee:

  • Rosa Maria Albanese (Catania)
  • Graeme Barker (Cambridge)
  • Corinne Bonnet (Toulouse)
  • Alain Bresson (Chicago)
  • Jean-Marie Durand (Paris)
  • Alessandro Garcea (Lyon)
  • Andrea Giardina (Pisa)
  • Michel Gras (Roma)
  • Henner von Hesberg (Roma-DAI)
  • Tonio Hoelscher (Heidelberg)
  • Mario Liverani (Roma)
  • Paolo Matthiae (Roma)
  • Athanasios Rizakis (Atene)
  • Guido Vannini (Firenze)
  • Alan Walmsley (Copenhagen)

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