Rivista di studi bizantini e neoellenici (RSBN)

The journal Rivista di studi bizantini e neoellenici (RSBN), published by Sapienza, University of Rome – Department of Classics, was founded in 1924, with the title Studi Bizantini (until 1964), by Silvio Giuseppe Mercati, who was the first Professor of Byzantine Studies at the Roman athenaeum, as well as one of ‘founding fathers’ of the discipline. RSBN is the oldest academic journal related to this research field in Italy. The RSBN hosts yearly contributions in Italian and foreigner languages (French, English, Modern Greek, Spanish and German) on philology, history, art, linguistic, literature, palaeography and diplomatic in the Byzantine and post-Byzantine era. Numerous critical editions of texts and documents, mostly in Greek, and occasionally in Armenian, Latin and Syriac, are published in this journal. The series Testi e studi bizantino-neoellenici is also related to the RSBN.

The RSBN is rated as class ‘A’ by the Italian National Agency for the rating of the University and Research (ANVUR) and involves a peer-review process for the acceptance of articles: during the first stage, the papers proposed by their authors are examined within the Directive Committee, then, they are submitted for evaluation to anonymous peer-reviewers, even external to the Scientific Committee.

Editor in chief: Andrea Luzzi


Directive Committee:

  • A. Acconcia Longo (†)
  • F. Burgarella
  • M. Capaldo
  • G. Cavallo
  • F. D’Aiuto
  • V. von Falkenhausen
  • A. Jacob
  • S. Lucà
  • E. V. Maltese
  • J.-M. Martin
  • A. Proiou
  • M. D. Spadaro


  • D. Bucca
  • A. Prinzi


Scientific Commettee:

  • A. Acconcia Longo (†)
  • L. Bianchi (Roma)
  • F. D’Aiuto (Roma)
  • V. Déroche (Parigi)
  • S. Efthymiadis (Cipro)
  • V. von Falkenhausen (Roma)
  • C. Faraggiana di Sarzana (Ravenna)
  • O. Kresten (Vienna)
  • S. Lucà (Roma)
  • M. R. Marchionibus (Napoli)
  • B. Mondrain (Parigi)
  • M. Peri (Padova)
  • N. P. Ševčenko (South Woodstock, Vermont)
  • K. Tiktopoulou (Salonicco)
  • N. Vaghenàs (Atene)
  • E. Zanini (Siena)