The Caucus is composed by the Director, two Ordinari, Associati and Researchers in equal number, the RAD as secretary and, where she's appointed, by the Vice-Director, with no vote. Their end-of-term is in 2 years and can't be re-elected more than one time in a row.

The Caucus, over its counseling functions, has inquesting functions over any topic submitted to the Department's Board.


  • Lippolis Enzo - Director
  • Chiaranza Angelina - RAD
  • Cazzella Alberto
  • Fontana Maria Vittoria
  • Migliorati Luisa
  • Piras Giorgio
  • Borgia Emanuela
  • Sonnino Maurizio
  • Santinelli Stefania
  • Tricoli Salvatore
  • Palagrosi Vanessa
  • Gallinaro Marina

Usually members of the Caucus meet one week before any Board's meeting.